Sunday, October 4, 2009

end of september

others have posted and shown pictures of the quilt show last week in chicago. unfortunately i am having problems downloading pictures from my camera so those may have to wait until another time. it was a wonderful moving experience to see not only the quilts that were made from people from the AD board but also wonderful quilts from so many others across the county.

after the quilt show lori, ann and i drove up to door county. it was very special for me to be able to show them a place that means so much to me. we visited all the typical "tourist" places as well as some of my favorites. neither had ever been to wisconsin so i had to make sure both experienced things that are equated with wisconsin. - friday fish frys, brats with sauerkraut, racine kringles, cheese curds and some wisconsin brewed beers. i did stop short of making them wear cheese head hats! lori of course wanted to see lots of cows and i made a point of showing her how "happy" wisconsin cows are, not like the reported california cow commericals which we wisconsin residents despise.

and of course before we could drop ann off at the airport in green bay, i just HAD to stop at lambeau field to show them the legacy in green bay. i think ann was disappointed that the houses were not painted green and gold!

thanks to you both for taking the time to come up and see a little part of my heaven. i just wish i could live there all year round. hopefully one day, bob and i will make that dream happen.