Monday, July 6, 2009

my run-in with a nail

boy i'm beginning to feel a little jinxed. just when i have pretty much gotten full use of my finger (from the avocado incident) i had a encounter with a nail, and needless to say, the nail won.

we have a beautiful large deck out back built by the previous owners. well, yesterday i was carrying out some cushions for the lounge chairs to enjoy the beautiful day and did not see a nail that had worked itself up out of a board about 1/2 inch. well, my foot didn't either and it shaved back about an inch of skin like a potato peeler would. it hurt like hell, of course nobody was home, so i let out a few expletives. after attempting to clean it out and getting it to stop bleeding i got a hammer and pounded the heck out of the nail, to which i felt somewhat better. i then relaxed in the pool, thinking all the chlorine would help as well. it burned a little but the coolness of the water felt good.

now the real trick was determining which if any shoes i would be able to wear to work today. also keep in mind, with the ball of my foot being affected, i can not walk normally, i have to walk more on the side of my foot, and with an obvious limp. this isn't hard for short distances but considering i walk over 3 miles a day in hospitals, this is a little tricky. i managed to find a pair of crocs that were large enough not to be constrictive and also cushioned my foot. they are open toed and hospital rules only allow closed toed shoes. so on went the white socks underneath them and my fashion statement left a lot to be desired with the rest of my attire. with pumping the motrin to the max i managed to get through the day with only a few weird looks. one of the case managers i spoke to today told me she did the same thing last summer and it took months to feel better. GREAT....just what i wanted to hear. it is less tender tonight than last night so i hope tomorrow will be better too.

luckily i had a tetanus shot last summer so that was one less thing to worry about. i've now been 2 for 2 with injuries on summer holidays. maybe i should stay in bed on labor day!


  1. Oh Nancy! Your description of a potato peeler sent shivers down my back! I hope it heals quickly and you aren't in too much pain.

  2. Oh my goodness that sent chills up my body too! You poor thing. Golly I hope it heals quickly. You the nurse knows this but please be extra careful about infection. Perhaps soak it every night in warm epsom salt water.

  3. O U C H !!!

    Hope your foot is feeling better soon!

  4. Good grief girl, what next? I'm glad at least that you already had a tetanus shot. Do we need to put you in a bubble for awhile?

  5. Hope you are feeling better. Next time wear those wooden clogs with the flowers painted on them:)