Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sin city

i am currently in las vegas as bob is attending the national pharmacy convention so i get to tag along. he is in meetings all day and i am on my own. it has been a very relaxing time for me. we arrived saturday and leave to go home in 2 days on thursday; we will have been here for 6. i have to say it has taken me until today to finally unwind. you don't realize how stress can creep up on you until you are able to be in an environment where there is no stress. (unless of course you consider what time you want to get up, which way you want to walk on the strip, when and what to eat, etc., stressful. - i'm not much of a gambler so losing money is not a stressor for me)

the extra nice part this year is that my best friend from college was here for a few days. her husband ran in a marathon on sunday so it has been nice to get together and catch up with her and her family.

i know i will be refreshed when we head back thursday night to dig back into the craziness my life has to offer. it's funny, even though i know being a caregiver consumed my life and was so stressful, other stressors seem to have taken the place and filled those holes. maybe not to the degree and certainly not in the same way, but stress is stress and it can consume you just the same. it makes me realize, we all need to take time for ourselves, maybe not always going to vegas, but even a few minutes here and there, just for ourselves. it's definately important, i know that's easier said than done, and i'm as guilty as anyone of that, but,if we want to live healthy and long productive lives........

take a deep breath, think happy thoughts and take care everyone.


  1. A break is such a blessing.
    Vegas is not a bad place to break either.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful time!!